At The Foot Clinic we have two rooms dedicated to Chiropody treatment, six days a week.

We can treat all manner of conditions. For example:

- In-growing toe-nails (Including Nail Surgery)

- Thickened and crumbling nails (often caused by a fungal nail infection)

- Toenail cutting (for those who find it difficult to manage themselves)

- Corns & Callus (hard skin removal)

- Diabetic assessments & check ups (all our Podiatrists are fully trained & qualified to treat and advise patients with diabetes)


What if I am a new patient?

We do not charge extra for an initial appointment. All we ask is that you fill in a quick initial assessment form in the waiting room before your treatment. If you are on any medication, it would be helpful to bring a list or a current prescription for us to photocopy.

If you need an appointment call on 0161 653 5511, or email



Latest News: We have moved


Latest News: We have Moved


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